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Varieties Of Books For All Book Lovers In Bangladesh

Books are of great importance to every person. They are considered to be the source of intelligence and knowledge for people. Not only do these provide knowledge regarding a certain topic, they also give an easy and fun aspect to spending time. People read books out of passion, as hobbies or to share things with others.

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A number of different types of books are written by numerous authors regarding many dimensions. Each one the categories has its own style of writing and its own sub-types that people enjoy reading.

Fiction books are one of the most common books there are. Fiction books have stories present in them that have been made up and they are known to offer a world to its readers. There are certain hints of truth present in them but the rest of them are fabricated, elaborated and made in an interesting manner.

Non Fiction Books

Commercial fiction is known to attract a wider range of audience. Most of the themes of commercial fiction include mystery, legal thriller, science fiction, romance and many others. These are written in short and easy to read styles for the people to understand them in a better manner.

Literary fiction is known to appeal to a minor but highly intellectual and adventurous audience. The key features regarding these are the style of writing, the originality in the thought and the references given to previous events. Many books in Bengali are present in this category.

Non-Fictional books include a number of books that are based on true things such as biographies, travel books, social themes and many others. The basic concept behind these books is to tell about a certain event, an occasion or to provide general guidelines regarding a specific topic.

The sub types of non-fiction books include: Informational nonfiction literature has text which provides the readers with facts about a certain topic. This topic can be about sports, animals, history, and adventure to anything. Some of the famous one are history books which are known to provide information regarding some of the important events in history and to gain an insight on ways in which mistakes can be avoided.

Religion books also are included in this category as they guide a person regarding the ways of a certain religion and how to live their lives according to it.

Biographical nonfiction books are the story or accounts of real people who have lived their lives. Experiences of the authors are presented in short stories for the world to know about them.

Autobiography is same as the concept of a biography but instead of the person writing it themselves, another writer does it. This is also told from a first-person view,

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