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A Complete Guide To Buying Desktops Online

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a computer is to nail down your desktop pc needs. If you want to upgrade your system you should purchase a box in PC tower or desktop form. If you are looking for a monitor (conventional CRT or flat panel LCD), speakers, mouse, keyboard, buy a complete system. Some systems also come with extra complementary devices such as printers, scanners or memory card readers to boost the functionality of the system and turn it into an all in one desktop pc. These all-purpose systems integrate computer hardware and drives with the monitor.

The second most important factor to consider while buying a desktop Pc is the brand. There are a number of world renowned brands such as Dell, Sony, HP, Gateway etc. that offer a complete range of all-in-one desktop computers. Since a computer is not very frequently bought, buying one from a famous brand gives you a piece of mind and a surety that you have bought a high quality machine that is durable and long lasting.

The third aspect one should keep in his mind while looking for desktop computers is to determine how he/she wants to use the computer. People who use computers just for working on Microsoft office apps or for recreational purposes clearly have different needs in comparison to those who use computers for playing 3d games or professionally for designing 3d models. So before making the final call, you should seriously consider how you plan to use it. The basic features one should consider while buying an all in one desktop PC for home are:

  1. Processor
  2. Memory (RAM)
  3. Hard drive
  4. Networking
  5. Ports
  6. Burner
  7. Software
  8. Utilities

While buying a computer for 3d gaming or editing videos, additional features such as high quality video cards and sound cards must also be considered.

All In One Desktop in Bangladesh Available on Kaymu

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Desktop CPUs in Bangladesh

It might be hard to believe that in the world of laptops and iPads, desktop CPUs are still in demand. In Bangladesh, many people till prefer desktop PC to laptops. One big advantage of owning a desktop computer is that you can get great specs in half the price of a laptop. A desktop PC consists of monitor, keyboard, mouse and the Central Processing Unit and all of which are independent pieces. The CPU of the desktop computer consists of CD drive, modem, RAM, hard drive, processor and motherboard. One can attach webcam device with the desktop PC to have video chats as well. With the dawn of cyber world, online shopping in Bangladesh has become very famous, and you can even purchase electronics, laptops and desktop CPUs from Kaymu. Desktop PCs are useful for many different reasons. Following are some of them:

Home Desktop Computers

Many people, especially parents with young children prefer buying desktop PC instead of a laptop. There are many reasons for this, one being that desktop PC is cheaper and can still run all the programs and games that children require. Secondly, a desktop PC setup cannot be moved around, there is minimum chance of breakage. Thirdly, its good to have a desk and chair when using computer, and hence children won't develop bad posture, which is more of a possibility if they are using a laptop in bed. Also, many people prefer to have a proper computer corner in their room, in which case a desktop PC is the best option.

Desktop CPUs For Gaming

Gaming was taken to the next level when the very first game was introduced in a desktop PC. Since then, the gaming industry has flourished. Today games have become so high definition that it is hard to believe that they are just games. Gaming lovers follow every update of their favorite game almost religiously, and for these gaming lovers, desktop pcs are the choice for gaming. Gaming in laptop isn't as much fun as it is in a desktop PC with a big screen and the option of separate mouse and keyboard. Since computer CPU price is so much lesser than that of laptop, of course PC will be the first choice of every gaming lover. Moreover, you can get the best of the graphic card installed in your CPU to boost your game graphics and speed.

Desktop CPUs In Offices

Desktop PCs are also the first choice in offices. They are easy to setup at workstations, and many people prefer a proper keyboard and mouse to work on, although it might have become somewhat old school. Workstation PCs are known for being very good for networking and multitasking. Desktop computers are also best for heavy office tasks, including spreadsheet and database applications. Since many offices require a large networking setup, it becomes easier to do it with desktop PCS than laptops.

So, before purchasing a PC, determine why you need one, and then buy one according to your needs.

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