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Hair and skin care has been around for a long period of time. Some people use hair straighteners to get their hair in the best of state when they want to attend an event or even to deal with frizzy hair.

On the other hand, a number of people use shavers to get rid of certain hair that can be a bother and does not look nice at all. Another device that is highly popular when it comes to getting rid of that pesky unwanted hair are epilators for men and women.

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How Do Epilators Work?

Epilators are generally used by women more than men but there are different ones available for all. These devices initially used to have spring mechanisms present in them to function but the newer versions tend to have rotator blades that remove the hair that is present. The strength of the epilators and trimmers actually depends on the number of tweezers present in them. The greater the number of these, the more effective the hair removal technique is.

Types of Epilators

Whether they are epilators for face or for your whole body, there are many types available. Some of the largest brands in the world are known to make the highest quality epilators there are. There are three types of epilator types that people can choose from. Each one comes with its own features and specifications.

Spring epilators are the most traditional ones there are. These have a number of springs present in them that are either coiled together or they are apart. Spring epilators capture the hair and then pull it out. The springs present inside these are continuously flexed to work.

The rotating disc epilators are similar to the spring epilators but they use rotator discs. The discs move in a circular fashion and they trap the hair in them. Once the hair is trapped, the rotating disc pulls it out and leaves a soft and smooth skin behind. Most of the rechargeable epilators come in this category.

Tweezer Epilators are the most modern ones there are. These have plates installed in them which move when the head of the epilator rotates. When the revolution of the plates take place, the tweezing happens. This process removes the hair from the body.

Corded VS Cordless Epilators

Cordless epilators are of the rechargeable types that can be used in the bath or the shower easily. The benefit of these is that you need not plug them in when they are being used. All you need to do is charge them for a while before using.

The corded epilators are preferred by people because they give a higher level of power in comparison to the cordless ones. Moreover, the hair is removed in a quick and easy motion with these ones.