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Usage Of Feature Phones In The World Of Smartphones

With the advancement of technology, there are a number of complex phones launched every day. Some are hi-tech smartphones with advanced functionality while some are feature phones that perform the basic functions but lack the advanced features and functionality. These phones are specifically manufactured for the low-end users so that they can also avail the benefits of these phones as well as get entertained with them. Other features apart from the internet access and music store, are not available in these phones. In the consumer markets with low incomes, featured phones are still widely used.

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Bangladesh is a country with low incomes and relatively large population. Since a cellphone is a necessary device required by all, its usability and features depends on the consumer types. For many, the main purpose of the mobile phone is to call or text. The featured phones are in great demand by the lower class mostly. Brands including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc. are producing a variety of feature phones today. Available in by different brands in a variety of models at Kaymu, featured phones prices in Bangladesh are quite reasonable so that they can easily be afforded by the lower classes.

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Apart from calling and texting, other important features of featured phones are radio, a basic camera, music, and internet access. Let's have a look at some of the important phones that are still popular today.

Nokia 105: Being budget-friendly, these are the best dual sim feature phones that were launched in 2015. These are small, lightweight phones that allow you to store upto 3000 contacts. These phones also include features such as flashlight, calendar, reminders, etc. Though the screen size is small, it is clear and the buttons on the keypad are spacious so that you can use them with great speed and without any hindrance.

Nokia X2: Having a gorgeous display with sleek design, this is one of the top-notch feature phones. It has a 5MPx camera, 16GB memory, SD card, and other features. These feature phones with Wi-Fi connectivity enhance your usage of these phones.

Samsung Chat: This phone contains a range of models, all having specific features in them. Having a bigger batter, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, these phones are best in demand today. The screen is also bigger and brighter than the rest of the feature phones. These are compact in size and have applications including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. There are also games available in these phones so the consumers consider them best for personal use.

Motorola Quartz EX212: The featured phones by Motorola are known to have a flip feature. The designs are bold and slim. The features include dual SIM, 2MPx camera, and internet access. Built in elegant designs and durable material, these featured phones are quite stylish. The touchpad is soft and ensures quick typing. The screen is small in size, almost 3". These compact phones are bets in style and utility.

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