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A long, long time ago, before the advent of the Walkman - which came along and revolutionized the devices in the 1980s - headphones were big and clunky. Headphones were considered a stay-at-home accessory in those bygone days; used mostly for listening to late-night music. With the rapid technological advancement the world has gone through that time, however, is long gone and forgotten. The latest generation of slimmed-down and sleek headphones deliver high-resolution music or dynamic home-theater sound directly into your ears. You can go through the following features of different types of headphones, and decide which type suits your needs the most.

Types of Headphones At Kaymu Bangladesh

There are various types of headphones infiltrating the Bangladeshi market; from Bluetooth headphones to Bose headphones, earbuds, and wireless headphones in Bangladesh.

Earbuds Headphones in BD are commonly used with portable players and their tiny earpieces either rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the ear canal and some models include clips for a more secure and tailored fit. They are ultra-compact and lightweight: provide reasonable isolation from external noises; and do not cause hindrance if you're wearing earrings, sunglasses or a hat. On the down side, sound quality and bass response is often not comparable to the full-size models; they can sometimes cause discomfort if use over extended periods; some models are difficult to insert and remove; and their dual-cable design means there's more likelihood for a tangled wire.

Full-size Headphones Prices In Bangladesh

Full-size Headphones have ear-cups that fully enclose your ears. They are often considered to be better suited to home use rather than being portable because of their size and their acoustic isolation. They have potential for maximum bass and loudness levels; the surround-sound effectively blocks external noise, sealing the music in and creating a larger sound stage. However, they can be cumbersome for portable use; can heat up ears; and the wide headband can often interfere with glasses, earrings and some hairstyles causing discomfort.

Wireless or Bluetooth Headphones in Bangladesh are most commonly used on the run when a dangling cord could get in the way. Music is wirelessly transmitted through Bluetooth but sound quality is often sacrificed in the way of convenience in the file compression process. To combat audio quality from being downgraded, some of the latest headphones support the aptX Bluetooth codec that offers slightly improved quality. The benefits of these headphones are the easy access they offer without any wire to trip you, and are especially used for workouts. On the downside, the music stops when your battery runs out; music can be less than dynamic due to file compression; and some hardware limitations could get in the way of Bluetooth connectivity.

So while deciding on which headphones to buy for a the most dynamic audio experience, keep in mind the above categories and make a decision based on where you'll be using the headphones, how frequently, the type of music you want to listen to and your budget. offers a wide range of all such headphones, ranging from wireless/Bluetooth, Bose headphones or Beats headphones in BD, and Bluetooth devices and you can easily buy all sorts of earphones or earbuds online in Bangladesh. Browse through Kaymu for the best headphone prices in Bangladesh, choose your pick, have your headphones delivered right to your doorstep, pay via cash on delivery and beat away to the music!

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