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Every woman loves a great collection of expensive jewelry, however, the rising prices of gold have made it impossible to buy beautiful gold sets. Do not get disheartened, you can get gorgeous gold plated jewelry at very affordable prices. This comprehensive guide will help you in picking out the finest pieces of sets and other fashion jewelry at Kaymu. It will also give some practical money saving tips, so you can wear the most stunning pieces of jewelry at formal events and make everyone envious.

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Jewelry is also a perfect gift item, it is the most classic way to demonstrate love and affection to a woman. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your mother, sister or wife, just follow some simple tips to find the best looking pieces that will simply melt their hearts.

Many ladies absolutely love to wear jewelry that incorporates their birthstones. If you are looking for an out of the box gift idea that is also personalized, then give your loved ones a pendant or a ring that incorporates their birthstones.

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Multi strand neck pieces are in vogue these days. Many famous celebrities have been spotted wearing multi strand pearl or chain necklaces. They are relatively inexpensive and a perfect way to add a little oomph to a boring outfit. Multi strand chain necklaces or multi strand pearl necklaces look very elegant when paired with an evening dress. If your style is more contemporary and cool, you can opt for necklaces with colorful bead strands. You can pair them with traditional casual clothes to create an ethnic inspired look.

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Fashion Jewelry can help an individual in asserting their personal style. It can be a good addition to someone's priced jewelry collection and can help in styling a boring outfit. You can get both traditional jewelry pieces as well as stylish modern pieces at Kaymu. It is a good idea to follow fashion trends when it comes to jewelry, however, some designs never go out of style, for instance, pearls, and you can wear them on any occasion and look absolutely ravishing.

Gold Plated / Gold Overlay Jewelry

Gold plated and gold overlay jewelry for women are one and the same. According to the international standards, a jewelry must contain at least 5% gold in order to be labelled as the gold-plated jewelry, also known as the gold overlay. A gold plated and overlay jewelry is typically coated with a thin layer of gold, which is approximately 10 Karats or higher. The gold plated/overlay jewelry price in Bangladesh is quite affordable and is therefore quite popular among women.

The existence of time viewing machines in the past

We can never ignore the victories and lessons from the past. Either they are in the shape of initial inventions or any of the personal experiences. Latest watches also took the fame after the series of versions which were being developed by the ancient people. 16th century came up with the clock-watches which had the sizes larger than watches and bit smaller than clocks. They were usually worn around neck. Next step was of pocket-watches. Their sizes were portable enough to be kept in pockets. Balance spring, temperature compensation and lever escapement were the later approaches in the advancement of wristwatches. Modern creativity has appeared as items like quartz watches which significantly rule Kaymu's list of merchandises.

Fundamental Types Of Wristwatches In Kaymu's Catalog

Chronograph watches: The astute combination of stopwatch and display watch result in the creation of chronograph watches. The interfaces support the starting, stopping and restarting the stopwatch to record particular time period.

Fashion watches: Human spirit has the prominent love for style and good looks. Fashion wearables like luxury watches are finest in showcasing the trends and human fashion tastes. The diversity in shades and dial patterns becomes the sheer source of enchantment for each male and female fashion admirer.

Space watches: It is true that not every person can float in space but the space researchers, engineers or more specifically astronauts play this role. They need to spend huge time up there and determine lots of important facts. Popular brands have respected their value and created the timepieces for proper portrayal of time in space.

Couple watches: To avoid conflicts and enhance affection between life partners, there are couple watches that are developed with similarity in internal functionalities but distinction in sizes. The apparent patterns and colors match to share the care.

Large watches: The prominently bigger sizes of watches are defined as large watches. Their dials are slightly finer with the inclusion of more jewels and ornamental items. These are also considered as the trendy wearables in the inventory of Kaymu.

Why should everyone possess a watch?

Elevates value in society: Every wristwatch has the quintessence of classiness. This concludes in the alteration of entire human personality and a person's value is enhanced among his or her peers. The charm of a watch also reflects the professionalism and decency and shows how time-oriented is that particular person.

Grooms a person's entire look: Being fond of grooming the looks, every human keeps on applying the changes. The importance of hand watch in Bangladesh is depicted by the countless natives that wear it as a fashion accessory. Moreover, these people also prefer to purchase the bracelet watches to enjoy multiple benefits from single product.

Helps to schedule the routine: To lead an easy and successful life, it is best to schedule the daily tasks. The timetable divides each time slot of the day into partitions depending upon the person's daily tasks, priorities and inferiorities. If a person is having a watch, he or she will feel convenient in meeting the accurate time slots.

Acts as best time illustrating companion: There are circumstances when a person views the time when he or she is waiting for someone, becoming ready for any ceremony or sitting in the examination hall. In such cases, timepieces are the buddies that will never leave and always demonstrate the precise information.

Brands supporting luminous watches

Chanel: Included in the list of notable luxury watches brands, Chanel creates the thrill of being the core of France. This fashion house appeared on this planet in 1909 and is being promoted by numerous notable personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley. It has the historical touch in not only the designs of watches but also in the hues of style attires.

Dior: Bernard Arnault came up with the exclusive idea of establishing this European brand in 1946. Although the leather goods, fashion accessories, foot products, perfumes and cosmetics are its wares but the hand watches elegantly depict the characteristics that are suitable both for men and women.

Breitling: Breitling watches are the pure assets of Switzerland and precisely manufactured to assist the engineers and aviators. The foundation in the late 19th century includes the exceptional taste of that era. The emergency wristwatch of this brand encompasses the radio transmitter to facilitate the civil aviation department.

Oris: Another strength of Switzerland has the fame under the name of Oris that produces the large array of mechanical and quartz watches. Its timeline is enriched with distinctive watches having lever escapement, moon phase, second time zone and week day display.

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