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Lighting in Bangladesh

Perhaps the most used invention of the modern is a light bulb. In today's world, it is impossible to imagine living without electricity and light, as it has become a basic necessity. In Bangladesh, considering the fact that the country is facing severe load shedding issues, LED and battery run light sources have become very popular. With the help of online shopping in Bangladesh, buy online different kinds of bulbs and torches has become easier. You can find all famous brands displaying their products online and from there, you can place the order with the option of cash on delivery. If you are planning to purchase lights for your house, following are some of the different types of lights available in the market these days.

LED Bulb

LED bulbs are relatively newer technology and have become popular in a very short period of time. This is because these bulbs are a lot more efficient and have a far better lifespan than fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs. In the coming decade, the LED bulb industry is expected to further expand by around twelve fold. These energy efficient bulbs emit white light, however the hue can be changed as well. Considering the rising electricity bills within Bangladesh, more and more people are switching to LED bulbs for their homes and offices. These LED bulbs are also found in a number of different shapes and sizes, and the best advantage of all, they aren't expensive either! Some of the brands you can purchase bulbs of include Panasonic, Philips and HPL.

Rechargeable Torch

Also using the LED bulb technology, rechargeable torches are very important for every household in Bangladesh. They come especially handy in during the long hours of load shedding. There are different kinds of rechargeable torches; some can be recharged by electricity while others can be charged by solar power. While solar power torches can be somewhat expensive, they have a number of advantages as well, especially in the countries where the summer is harsh. Other than helping during the hours of load shedding during late night work out in the backyard, rechargeable torches are also famous among trekkers and hikers.

Flash Light

Many different people use flashlight for several different purposes. Trekkers, hikers, policemen and guards, who have to search and find a way through the night, need flashlights. Since flash light has a sharper light and goes a long way, its mostly useful during outdoor activities. However, this is not entirely true, because people use flashlights inside their homes too, for instance maybe while going to the attic or down to the basement, or searching for something in a dark closet. Similarly, flashlight also proves efficient during electricity outage, since it runs on batteries; all you have to do is change the battery and it will run again. Like LED bulbs and lamps, flashlights are being produced with LED technology as well, and has proved to be far more efficient.

So, if you are looking for light, first determine why you need one. If you want fixture lights, opt for LED bulbs to save energy and bill.

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