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Makeup is owned and loved by ladies all over the world. With makeup, one can create so many different looks. Whether you choose to go for a natural makeup look or a bold one, there are few products that are required. There are so many different makeup items you can purchase. There are a number of brands that manufacture and retail makeup in this million dollar industry. You can choose from drug store makeup and high end makeup products depending on your budget. Kaymu offers ladies with a massive collection of makeup in Bangladesh at affordable prices.

Guide For Purchasing Makeup

There are a number of makeup items that women can shop for. Before getting makeup, you must know the different types of makeup products you should have. There are few essentials items that are needed and the rest can be bought by choice.

When it comes to purchasing face makeup, you can select from a wide variety of foundation, concealers, primers and face powder. When selecting a foundation, ladies can choose from liquid, stick and cream foundation. It is important to select foundation that is close to your natural skin tone. Do not go for light shades of foundation because it will make your face look extremely cakey. When choosing concealer, go for a shade darker than your natural skin tone so that you are able to hide dark sports, pimples, blemishes and uneven skin tone. You can choose from powder, liquid and stick concealers. Primer is used before applying anything on the face. Get a primer that helps reduce pores and uneven skin texture.

The most important part of a makeup look are the eyes. Whether you want bridal makeup done or natural makeup, it is important to have an eye shadow palette. You can select from different colors of eye shadows and select from matte, shiny and glittery colors. It is important to purchase pigmented colors so that blending is made easier. You can use a number of brushes or your fingers to do eye makeup. A liner and mascara is used to do the final touches. You may use false eye lashes for a more dramatic look. Party or wedding makeup is often considered incomplete without fake eyelashes.

When it comes to purchasing lip makeup, ladies can choose from a number of lipsticks, glosses, liquid lipsticks and lip balms. There are a number of colors of these products you can purchase according to your preference. Women have the option to choose from dark colors, medium tones and light colors.

There are a number of blush on colors, bronzers, contour sets, highlighters and loose powder that ladies can purchase to enhance their features. Bronzers can add a natural tan to the face whereas contour sets can make your cheekbones appear thinner. Highlighters help make your overall face dewy which is the latest trend these days. You can select from a number of colors that matches your skin complexion.

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