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Memory & SD Cards for Phones Shopping Online in Bangladesh - (64 products found)

Backup Data Using SD Memory Cards

Memory cards are essential these days to backup data and store pictures, videos and other important data. A memory card is used in a camera, cell phone and other devices. These are commonly used in cell phones so that the user can download applications and store data. Memory cards for phones in Bangladesh can be bought in different storage capacities. There are a number of brands which the shoppers can select according to their preference. The most popular brand is SanDisk as it provides the best quality memory cards. Once you get a memory card it is important that you take good of it. You should back data into your laptop or drive so that the memory does not get full. Also once the storage space is about to get full, the memory card can crash so it is important to keep backing up data.

Guide for Buying SD Memory Cards

Before you buy any type of micro SD card for smartphones, there are a number of factors that buyers must keep in mind. Taking these factors into consideration will help you buy the best memory card much quicker. Also it is important to get memory cards by good brands so that they last for a longer time period. Lastly the memory card should be compatible with your phone or else it might not work.

Types Of SD Memory Cards For Smartphones

There are different types of SD memory cards that buyers can get according to their choice.

This uses the format FAT 12 and 16 file systems which are quite preferred by buyers. Even though the transfer speed is slow but the capacities are good enough. Toshiba SDSC are quite popular because of the amazing quality and durability.

As the name suggests these have the best capacity. These are basically the 2.0 version of SD memory cards. Transcend SDHC are available online for buyers at Kaymu.

These are available for shoppers with a storage capacity of 2 terabytes which is better than most SD memory cards. These are also available in micro formats.

These are mainly used for laptops, mobiles phones and digital cameras. SDIO offers good capacities and are highly demanded these days.

The next factor to keep in mind is the transfer speed of a memory card. For people who like to transfer data in and out from their phone want a high transfer speed. Depending the type of memory card you get, the transfer speed is determined. Some memory cards have high speeds while others do not. So it is important to pick wisely especially if you need high transfer speeds.

When it comes to buying memory cards for phones, it is important to consider the storage space. Buyers can select from lowest of 1 GB card to higher memory card capacities which are in terabytes. Depending on how much data you store into your phone, you can select the storage capacity of the memory card.

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