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The eyewear industry has grown by several folds in the last few years. The demand for eyewear products has also risen steadily. Sunglasses are one of the few fashion accessories which men can use to make a strong fashion statement. They also protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Those with weaker eyesight can opt for eye glasses or lenses. There are many brands out there which manufacture and design frames and lenses for masses. Ray Ban, Calvin Klein, Police etc. are some of the biggest names in the industry. You can now buy men's eyewear from all leading brands online at Kaymu Bangladesh at great prices.

How To Purchase Men's Eyewear In Bangladesh

Buying a pair of men sunglasses sure sounds real easy but there are a lot of factors that must be considered before purchasing them. The large number of frame types and shapes may make it a bit tricky for you to pick the right frame. To help you out, the following guide will come in really handy.

What To Look For When Ordering Eyewear Online For Gents

These are the major factors that you must consider in order to purchase the perfect eyewear.

Face shape: You can't just go and put on any pair of glasses. You have to consider your face shape. The major face shapes are round, square, and oval. The best way of determining your face shape is to take a picture and draw a line on the outline of the face. Whatever shape emerges will be your face shape.

Frame shape: Once you have determined your face shape, you will pick different frame shapes which suit your face. Rounder faces should opt for rectangular frames, like the Ray Ban Wayfarer, which give the round face more angles and lines. Square shaped faces should opt for rounder frames. Rounder frames will soften the sharp and angular lines of the face. Oval shaped face types are lucky in the sense that all frame shapes look good on them.

Color of frame: Color of the frame is another consideration. If you want to look your best and don't want to look overpowering, it is important that the color of frame you choose complements your skin tone. A black frame on a darker skin will look too overpowering. One of the best colors of frame is the tortoiseshell color, which is highly versatile and goes with most skin tones.

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