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Nothing relaxes a woman more than a good manicure and pedicure, followed by a pretty nail color. As the seasons change, so do the trends of nail paints and nail art. Everyone wants to stay in touch with 2015's spring nail paint trends. When it comes to painting your nails, there are so many options! You can check spring variety online and order the hues of your choice, which are just a click away. There are so many new colors to try and so many new designs to put on that your wardrobe might end but the nail painting options wont. In order to get ready for 2015's spring nail trends, check out the following guide.

Nail Paints to Try

Two of the most in fashion colors of 2015 spring are bright pink and babe blue. The best brands you need to check out include Revlon, LOreal, Super Glow, RGB, OPI and YSL. Remember that season of spring calls for all the bright colors, including purples and greens, yellows and orange. Red still remains a hot choice, but it is pretty much evergreen. You can also mix and match the contrasts as well, say go with pink and purple, or green and orange, to give a more spring look to your overall attire. You can paint odd fingers and maybe two different colors different hands. Basically, everything random and goofy goes along well with spring trends. When you are experimenting with your nails on your own, make sure you purchase quality nail polish remover because a bad quality one may leave stains on yours nails, which don't wear off easily.

Nail Designs & Nail Art Pen

One of the relatively recent innovations in the world of nail art is the nail art pen, which enables you to draw delicate designs on the canvas that is your nail. With the choice of thousands of nail art patterns and designs, nail painting just got a lot more interesting. Something you should definitely try this spring is the crescent nail polish, which is very much in fashion right now. In order to show your creative flair, mix and match colors and patterns on finger nails and toe nails, and put them in contrast with your makeup and dress, so that they stand out.

The crescent nail art design requires two hues. For instance, if you take yellow and red and paint it like half moon on one toe, you can alternate these colors on the second one, making it look more attractive and creative. Another design really getting popular this year is the polka dots on your fingernails. More designs to try out include the floral patterns, multi-colored looks and painting your favorite characters.

Manicure Set

Another major item that every woman that loves nail art should possess is the manicure set. Sure you can go to the parlor and get your nails manicured delicately; still you can't just go to parlor every day. To take the matters in your hand, you must own a good quality manicure set to give your nails a smooth look every day.

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