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Buying razors and creams to remove hair all the time can become annoying and expensive. Disposable razors are uncomfortable to use sometimes when used on delicate skin of face, under arms and legs. Electronic shavers on the other hand would give a smooth shave to both men and women. These shavers can also last for years saving your time and money from going to a super store and buying expensive products. This is just a one-time investment for many coming years just like how you buy your hair dryers. People now a days have switched to these electronic shavers and the trend has been increasing, likewise shaver prices in Bangladesh, on Kaymu are kept economical for its buyers.

There many different kinds of shavers available now days that confuse people which one to go for. That is why potential buyers shall review features and instructions of shavers to determine which one is the best for their health & beauty standards before buying them.

Types of shavers

There are two types of electric shavers available for both men and women. Both the types operate on different mechanisms but follows same function of offering close and smooth shave. It is important for you to know the difference between the types of shavers in order to make a right choice.

  • Rotary Shavers -; these shavers use circular blades that flex to shave all the hair present closely. They allow users to shave in any direction. These devices use motors and remove even long hair easily. They work well for those who don't wish to shave everyday and people with strong and thick hair growth can choose this type. Men electric shavers are example of this type.
  • Foil shavers -; has oscillating blades behind perforated steel foils. This foil lifts the hair and directs it to the blade for close shaving. They usually have three or four blades. Multiple blades help user to shave efficiently and faster. This type of shavers are best example of women rechargeable shavers.
  • Wet/Dry Shavers -; gives option to shavers to use them even during bath with the help of a shaving lotion, soap, gel or cream. These shavers possess this property that they can be fully immersed in water. It is recommended to read instructions and user manual before using this type of shaver.
  • Corded vs. Cordless -; the difference between both of these shaver is primarily of convenience for users. Corded is limited to finite number of locations, whereas cordless could be taken anywhere. Cordless runs on batteries, those must be charged time to time.

Tips for Using these Shavers

  • Clean the area to be shaved with mild water
  • move in the direction of hair growth
  • towel off after you are done and let the skin dry
  • Apply moisturizer on skin after you remove all the hair.

Shaver prices in Bangladesh at Kaymu, online shopping community are found at affordable prices good quality and many different brands are also available. These personal care items have different categories such as rechargeable, wireless, trimers, pocket shavers all of these works on of the above mentioned principles.