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Use A Trimmer For The Best Looks!

Trimmers are gradually becoming a necessity. People need them to get rid of the unwanted hair on their face or even to trim that extra length of hair that does not suit the hair style of a person. A number of different brands around the world such as Kemei, Philips, Geepas and many others produce some of the highest quality trimmers there can be. The trimmer prices in Bangladesh vary for these along with their functionality as well.

What Is A Trimmer?

Whether it is a beard trimmer or it is a hair trimmer, it is known to work in exactly the same way. Trimmers are built in a way that they cater to small tasks such as detailing, refining or tapering the hair in certain places. There is a motor present inside the body of the trimmer that is used to run the blades present on the head of the device. Once the motor starts, the blades start to spin and cut the unnecessary hair present. The movement of the blades is a side-to-side one which removes the hair in an easy and swift fashion.

Corded VS Cordless Trimmers

The difference between corded and cordless trimmers is based upon the charging capabilities along with the hair trimmer prices of these. Since both the types are electrically operated, there are only minor differences present.

Corded Trimmers need to be continuously plugged into an electronic source when they are being used. Cordless ones have batteries present inside them that need to be in a good condition to function. These batteries can be normal cells that should be replaced once they are not functional anymore. Or they can be ones that need to be placed in a charger to be used when necessary.

Types Of Trimmer Blade

Generally, the blades of the trimmers start from around 0.2mm and go up to 13mm in size. Most of the hair trimmers that have magnetic motors have blades that are made from a high-carbon steel. These are designed in a way that they can be used for sharpening.

Another material used to manufacture blades is Zirconium Oxide which is a good metal to use. It is known to conduct less heat and is softer on the skin. Some manufacturers are also known to use titanium because it is highly durable and lasts for a long period of time.

Any hair trimmer is known to come with a number of guards that have their own functions. These can also be referred to as spacers, guides or comb guards. Using a guard on a trimmer can keep the length of the hair in a consistent manner and provide you with a neat look. The guards are generally numbered where the shortest one is referred to as 0 or a 1 and the longest one is known as a 10. One thing to keep in check here is that the numbering is not standard and it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.