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From fatua to other traditional dresses, you can buy salwar kameez for women in Bangladesh at People in Bangladesh, especially women have to make a choice all the time when it comes to dresses for women in Bangladesh. At times, it is some religious occasion which needs them to dress decently. At others, it is some festive occasion, which requires them to wear shalwar/salwar kamiz. Nonetheless, ladies salwar kameez, remains the favourite dress of all the women.

Though, it would be unjustified to claim that saree is any less common than salwar kamiz for girls in Bangladesh, yet the fatua with a salwar underneath it makes a perfect wear for the women especially outdoor.

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Bengali women dresses are famous for their expensive ornamental works done by the local artists and embroiderers. Embroidered Salwar kamiz are available at Kaymu at quite reasonable prices. Jamdani is one of the most famous fabric not only in Bangladesh but outside the country as well. West Bengal (part of the Indian Territory now) shares almost all the customs with its eastern counterpart. The only difference is that most of the population in the former is Hindu while that of the latter remains Muslim. The culture of Salwar Kamiz mainly comes from the latter culture.

Naksi Kantha, is another embroidered quilted patchwork on women dresses is quite popular in the rural as well as in the urban settings at the same time. Though, the difference really arises when you divide the population in terms of literacy.

Salwar Kameez For Women And For Girls

The educated class use to wear jeans pants with a fuata on the top. Fuata is a type of kurta or kameez that is waist-length and does not have a collar at the top. Bengali people are too conscious about their culture and tradition and tends to preserve it. Salwar kameez for women is wore by many women who love to stay in touch with the trending fashion wear Salwar Kamiz at different occasions.

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It might surprise many of the people that Bangladesh is one of the biggest readymade garments manufacturer of the world. It shares almost 3 percent of the world textile exports. Despite many impediments it faced, in terms of civil unrest etc. its textile industry kept booming and surprising the world. Salwar Kamiz for ladies in Bangladesh is prepared by the local manufacturer in large numbers and women love to buy salwar kamiz, which is not only embroidered but available at cheap prices as well.

Kaymu provides you the opportunity to buy online salwar kameez for women in Bangladesh at reasonable prices with the offer of cash on delivery. Moreover, by using Kaymu app, you can easily place your order.

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